Some links for the long weekend

We’re settling in for the long weekend, and there are few articles and things which have caught my eye on Facebook over the past couple of weeks that I hope to have a better look at if I can grab some spare time.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • This comment from Pope Francis on journalism as a ‘weapon of destruction’, while reflecting on three pillars of authentic journalism to a group of 400 Italian reporters.
  • This talk by journalist Marion Fernandez-CuetoMarion Fernandez-Cueto, given at an Edel Gathering (a conference of Catholic women) a couple of years ago continues to inspire people so I figure I’d better have a listen.
  • Another website I discovered and want to have a better look around at is The Micro Gardener.

Have you got anything up your sleeve for rainy day/long weekend/wait in the doctor’s surgery or hairdresser? A book you’ve saving to read, movie to watch, or stash of online links like me?




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