6 good reasons to ditch this blog, and why I probably won’t

maple treeRemember me?

I used to blog here a bit, and I’ve broken the number one rule of blogging so many times ie. keep posting. It’s nearly June and this is my first post of the year.


I don’t want to look at a screen after staring at one all day at work and during my bus commute. On the weekends I don’t want to look at one at all if I can help it – apart from scanning my kids’ school newsletters or how to unblock a toilet.

I don’t have the physical, mental or emotional energy to keep up with a blogging schedule. And I know myself – if I don’t post regularly I’ll quickly lose the will to post at all.

I know I will feel guilty spending my very limited free time chatting about my days and thoughts etc. here when I don’t spend much (or any) time talking to many of my friends and family in real life.

I know I will struggle with my blogging not being ‘good enough’ because I can really only give it scraps of my time and attention on the very outer margins of my weeks or maybe even months. More often than not, it would just be an account of whatever I did that week – no stunningly original insights that I could show off with.

I have an overstuffed life bursting with a fine husband, five still-young children, extended family and friends I would like to see more than a few times a year, and a good and fairly full-on full-time job. Plus a chronic disease which I suspect makes me tire more easily (though maybe it’s being mid-40s, I don’t know, let’s go with the disease it somehow – sadly – sounds sexier).

Old-school blogging is done isn’t it? Is anyone still reading them? I only follow one or two myself.


Every time I have a quiet moment when I’m not brain-dead tired, driving in the car by myself or waiting for someone’s swimming class to end, the thought always bounds up like a forgotten helium balloon on a string that I’d like to get back to blogging one day. ALWAYS. I believe that if a desire to do something good keeps tugging at you, you’d better have a good look at it.

I liked the personal connections with readers that comes with blogging. I like recording snippets of days here. I like the feeling that I’ve written something that’s just for me to share with my readers, rather than for an employer to share with theirs.

This year I turn 44. I haven’t written the first of the many books I’ve always wanted to write, I need to build an audience whose interests overlap with mine. If I don’t start finding it now, then seriously when?

So I think I’m going to do this.

Here’s where you come in

I need your help if I’m to keep a blog going that will keep both of us interested. I want to be so excited to tell you or get back to you about something that I’ll get up early in the morning (cough, cough) or head to the computer at night (more likely) to do it. Not every day, but a few times a month. The encouragement for me to keep going will come from you, dear friend, letting me know what you would like me to write about.

I’ll sit and brainstorm ideas myself, but I want this to be a reader-led blog too. What do you want to know? What do you want to chat about? What questions do you have that I might be able to answer, or find someone who does?

Here’s what I’ve got: I’m a writer, a working journalist for a Catholic newspaper. Over the years I’ve read and written myself masses of content on Catholicism, spirituality, prayer and parenting. I live in the suburbs of Sydney, with my husband and five children aged 6-15. With the 7.35 minutes of free time I have each week (more if you count grocery shopping and washing dishes which out of necessity over the years I’ve come to view as leisure activities) I like to read mostly non-fiction, walk the neighbourhood, tend my mini-garden and hang out with friends and family.

I’m interested in Carmelite spirituality, psychology, gardening, art, philosophy, time management. I’m a decent home cook. About parenting, I oscillate between thinking I mostly don’t know what I’m doing or mostly do. I like children much, much more than before I had my own kids. I’m utterly fascinated by people’s life stories sometimes to the point of obsession.

Write to me in the comments or at marilyn.rodrigues@hotmail.com with your blog topics. I can’t promise to follow them all up but I’ll consider whatever you want to send me.

Please drop me a line, and wish me luck!

* UPDATE* Read the first reader response here: 8 work-life balance strategies that actually work.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I do miss you! I still miss “Pitter Patter”! Clearly I’m someone who finds it hard to move on!

    Isn’t it awful how we all are so time poor. What is it about modern life that finds us in this predicament? I feel particularly time poor at present as I have taken on something extra but it will finish soon so that’s good. I was only thinking about you the other day and I feel as though I have been a poor friend. Even though we are only “friends” through your writing, you are important to me.

    I have a very beautiful aunty who has nine children and I feel as though she is an angel. Anyway, when my aunty and I meet and we say that we wish we saw more of each other, she replies that ” we are all busy and we all try to do too much and there’s not much we can do about it except go with it”. I guess that’s the best way to think about it.

    Anyhow, would you be interested in writing about this topic; why are we so time poor? I know that you refer to this often when you write, so you may feel that you’ve already covered this topic. Just a suggestion.

    Anyway, so lovely to hear from you. I really have missed you. Also, I often read the Catholic Weekly and I always look for your articles and then enjoy them and also find them very worthwhile. Keep up the good work! You’re a star!

    Bye for now and God Bless.


    1. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for all your encouragement. I think you’re the star! I will write about being time poor very soon. People here and on Facebook have given me excellent ideas, I’m so grateful!


  2. Steve B says:

    Congratulations on your perseverence Marilyn! I’m not going to suggest a topic but an audience. If you blogged as a way of leaving a testament of your wisdom, dreams, activity etc to your children and grandchildren, you would always write something from the heart and with great purpose and meaning.
    Just my two cents worth! God bless!


    1. Thank you Steve. You’re right, and that’s a great idea.


  3. ilovesyababe says:

    Glad to see you back Marilyn. I hope you keep your blog going and don’t ditch it. It need not be every day or every week, but once a month or now and then. I like hearing about what you do with your family. I don’t know many women who work and have five children to take care of. So, I am interested in how you do both. How much time do you give to your family. and how much time for yourself? Do any of your children want to be journalists? How much help and support to you receive from your husband? I think I am mostly interested in those aspects. Nothing too intense and it need not be often.


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. It means a lot to me! I will answer all of these. Watch this space.


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