These busy school holidays

Son picking the nose of a gorilla at the mini-golf park. He said it was necessary.

We’re halfway through week one of the September school holidays and it feels like a lot’s been packed in already. I guess that’s bound to be the case when you have five kids.

My husband and I have been tag-teaming work and parenting duties more than usual this week. I worked yesterday while he stayed at home and took the children to a local park. I took the three of our children who were home this morning to mini golf, followed by one of my regular walks with two of them this afternoon, and a bit of tidying around the house and the garden. The latter they let me do by myself, unsurprisingly. We were all a bit tired by then. In a little bit I’ll go and pick up daughter number 1 and her friend who will be back from a three-day community service camp.

We all enjoy the more relaxed pace of school holiday time, later bedtimes and waking times, no homework or school lunches or uniforms to prepare, but it involves just as much, if not more day-to-day logistical planning of a different kind. Tomorrow we have one child going to a doctor’s appointment, one to a friend’s house, one to preschool, one to a sports camp, and one who isn’t committed to anything in particular.

I’ve been wanting to write a review of The Fool of New York City by Michael D. O’Brien, but I read it in such a rush that I feel that I need to read it again first. Plus, he’s kind of a genius so I’m more than a little intimidated by the prospect. I need to write a column, and I am well overdue to record a few podcasts. I need to do a bit of prep for an article before next Wednesday. I have to find a new accountant (the old one retired) and get our tax returns in soon, and do a clear-out of my home office because at the moment I have to pick out a path to my chair from the door. I should take the children shopping for new shoes, too, while they’re off school and life is supposedly easier in school holidays, right?

I’m trying not to get alarmed at how much work gets left undone each day this week, just enjoy these warm sunny days and the way the children want to spend most of their free time with their mum and dad. I’m mostly succeeding.

As Dr Seuss would say: Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.



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