Take a look at the new FRANKLY


For the second year I was one of the editors of the new Catholic lifestyle magazine, FRANKLY.

It has a bit of a quirky, cheeky style, and is full of great stories about faith and life. The first thing people usually say about FRANKLY when they get it is that it looks amazing. It’s got interviews and articles about culture, art, relationships, family and parenting, money, fertility, and more.

It’s aimed at Catholics who might not to go to church all that often, but who care about their Christian and Catholic values and look to these for support in raising their families and living life to the full.

But the regular Mass-going crowd love FRANKLY too because it supports and inspires them as well. Each edition very simply expresses the deep happiness that comes from being an active member of a parish community – from people who know.

This edition of FRANKLY features includes bonus digital content – links, videos, articles, and more – on most pages via the Blippar app.

Here’s a little promotional video explaining how to use Blippar to get the most out of FRANKLY. It’s the first promo video I’ve ever been involved in – I only had two lines to say and it took me so many tries to get it right! By the end though I felt quite warmed up and ready to do more. It was (nerve-wracking) fun.


FRANKLY is sold in bulk to parishes, schools, and other organisations, to be given out as a gift. People can purchase individual copies as well. To view a preview of the magazine and order a copy for yourself click here.

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  1. maureen wright says:

    Look forward to getting a copy, Marilyn, the first edition was beautiful and Catholic-ful.

    God bless,


    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you Maureen. I look forward to getting your feedback too.


  2. Jenny says:

    Well done, Marilyn. You’re a star! I’m looking forward to reading the new edition of Frankly. Jenny.


    1. Oh thank you! I hope you like it Jenny. It was a lot of work and fun to do.


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