Grief support for kids

The alternative title to this post is ‘Mummy is great :)’ at least that’s what I found somebody had typed here when I got back to my desk just now. And it’s actually not too unrelated to what I was going to write about…

I’ve got into the habit on Wednesdays of sharing a link or two to an article I’ve written recently for The Catholic Weekly. This week it’s a story involving a mother I admire very much.

Bridget Sakr has been building a trauma and bereavement prayer and support community since last November, drawing on her experience of what helped her in the days and months following the unexpected death of her young daughter, Veronique, in February 2020.

Now she’s partnering with the archdiocese’s Catholic school system to support the needs of children who she says are often the ‘forgotten grievers’.

Read the whole story here and an earlier story about Bridget and her heartFELT project here.

(The photo above is by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash)

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