Happy New Year!

p birthday

I hope I’m not too late to wish you a very Happy New Year!

It seems like a strange quirk of human nature to get so excited over the simple change of December 31 to January 1 each year – but I still do.

Last year was good for me and my family in many ways; this year I hope will be a little better. At least I hope I will be a little better, by which I mean a little less impatient, a little less harsh, a little less negative. Hopefully this time next year I’ll be able to ask for a bit of a performance report from my husband and be told that I was a little more peaceful, more open, more hopeful, and more fun.

The only way I can see this being at all possible is not by my own efforts, which like most New Year’s Resolutions are sure to fail by the start of February. No, I really believe that the only way I can consistently be pleasant to be around and do any lasting good is by keeping very close to Jesus, and to the husband God’s given me. That’s all. With the help of the Church and especially the sacraments I think I can manage that. This year I turn 40, and it might be a mid-life crisis thing (or just growing up) but I feel that I don’t have any more time to waste not being focused on what really matters to me.

I’m feeling all rested and ready to work and write again after a little post-Christmas holiday in the Blue Mountains with the family. Which included a birthday but I’m not sure I’m allowed to say whose it was.

As 2015 opens I’m feeling encouraged by St Teresa of Avila and St Pope John XXIII, and might post about some of their thoughts, reflections, prayers, and experiences as recounted in their respective autobiographies. St Pope John XXII was only canonised last year; St Teresa of Avila’s order, the Discalced Carmelite order, will this year celebrate the 500th anniversary of her birth. In my humble opinion they both totally rock.

So again, Happy New Year and thanks again if you have read or subscribed to my blog last year, (or this year already!). You are so kind!



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  1. Sue Elvis says:

    Happy New Year, Marilyn! The Christmas holidays are such a good time to rest and reassess, and take time out from the busyness of life. I know I shall soon be eager to get back to work again too. I wonder what the year ahead holds. God always seems to surprise me. I pray He sends you and your family a year full of blessings!


  2. perrettharry says:

    Looking forward to your posts xx

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