Hello November

Just like that, my favourite month was gone in a flash!

Never mind, November always starts on a high note with the feasts of All Saints and all Souls. If I can try to hold onto the vibe of these two days I can do no better, really.

Every year there are a few more people decorating their houses and giving out lollies (as we call them here) on Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve. Our two youngest did the rounds with their dad on Sunday dressed as basketball players 🙂 and came home very happy.

Earlier in the day we took them to visit a local wildlife park, Featherdale, with free passes we’d been given ages ago. A chicken hatchery back in the day, it’s been made into a great slice of Australian bush slap bang in the middle of a seemingly endless western suburbs sprawl.

My husband and I liked the variety of birdlife best, while the boys were smitten by the super tame wallabies and kangaroos. And we all appreciated the hot potato wedges, with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce for dipping, from the cafe before we left.

This month will be pretty intense for our family. We’ve got one HSC student starting her exams in about a week’s time, and a birthday, and preparations for December.

The last month holds a big milestone birthday, and the high school graduation and formal on top of the usual end of year activities.

I’m not really a planner so knowing this is all getting closer stresses me somewhat, but I figure that if I do one thing every day we’ll get to these things with a modicum of decorum, at least.

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