Baby and a cappuccino

I didn’t write here yesterday, but I blogged three times a week this month and don’t want to break the streak right at the end!

It was a good week. The kids settled back into regular school after the lockdown, although they didn’t love commuting by bus again. My husband or I drove them to their respective schools on Monday and picked them up on Friday, to ease them back into it a little bit. I think it’s the waiting that they dislike the most, and the hour they lose in the afternoon compared with learning from home.

Dinners were pretty easy and healthy, I had to make an effort to use some of the rocket, basil and lettuces I started growing because we had a couple of hot days and they looked ready to bolt. Regular plucking of leaves for a salad, salad or garnish should keep those plants going for months.

On the work front, there were some really interesting conversations about creativity and art, love and sacrifice, social entrepreneurship and the question of how do you know if you’re taking the right path in life. Three interviewees were really inspiring, like more than normal inspiring! Not every week is like that of course, but when it does happen it feels like I’ve got the best job in the world.

I took Friday off work to do a few life admin jobs and to pay a little visit to see the six-day-old nephew. I took his older brother for a walk in his stroller and as it was the afternoon on a hot day he feel asleep within five minutes. Plus, I guess having a new baby in the house might be a bit tiring for all involved haha.

But my sister, knowing this might happen, had directed me to a local French-style patisserie that was within walking distance from her house. Still takeaway only service due to COVID restrictions, but sitting with my cappuccino on a bench under a tree, sleeping toddler in view and with a gentle cool breeze blowing it was a very peaceful half hour or so.

Of course when I came home I told my husband about the visit and we were recalling some of the little things about that stage with a toddler and newborn baby that get forgotten with time. Like the first manifestations of complicated feelings about the newcomer – a request to take the baby back to the hospital here, a little pinch there – all mixed in with genuine love and doe-eyed devotion. Or maybe that was just our kids?? But still, I reckon it must be tough for any two year old facing a big life transition like that.

Anyway, I don’t know how I will go with keeping up blogging in November. There is a book I want to finish this year as well, so we will see. I’ll try anyway because it’s been fun.

I’ve especially appreciated hearing from you in the comments here, by message on my contact page, or at Facebook.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Jenn says:

    I love seeing your name pop up in my inbox, Marilyn. Thank you for all your posts this month. Yes! A little one’s life must surely be turned upside down with the arrival of the newcomer! Thank God for aunties. I know my aunties mean the world to me & I am sure you too are a precious aunty, Marilyn.


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