Comfort and joy

Our kids hauled the Christmas out of its box and dressed it up last weekend, and it makes me feel happy every time I look at it.

It’s been a good year, but a long one. The next few weeks are looking pretty packed and I’m keeping up with my November and December rule of doing one extra thing each day.

Although yesterday I didn’t expect that to be doing a deep clean of the main bathroom cabinet and floor. We’ve had some plumbing issues here for a couple of weeks. Old pipes and a tree-filled backyard next door do not make a great combination as it turns out.

Today my one thing extra is to find Snoopy, our elf on a shelf, who we assume has been in covid quarantine because the kids haven’t seen him anywhere. We assume he must be somewhere in the house by now….

And I wanted to share one quick link on the subject of comfort and joy – this story which broke yesterday was a ray of light in a world that can seem very dark at times.

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