Coral feeding and other odd things


I didn’t know that feeding a coral, much less by hand, was a thing until these past few weeks. My sister and brother-in-law are away (on a European tour with their band, no less!) and I’ve been on their pet-feeding roster. They have two cats and a tropical aquarium that houses two clown fish, a starfish and hermit crabs, and live coral of varying shapes and sizes.

The coral (corals?) are animals and need to be fed with clumps of tiny shrimp. You have to dangle the little fishes over the things and they very slowly open up and just as slowly suck them in. It was quite an experience the first time I saw it.

Another odd thing, I found my prescription sunglasses which I’d been missing since the end of summer while putting our camera away on a shelf of the bookcase in my home office. It’s weird that I never saw them there before because those shelves get regular use.

Also, it feels weird to be six months away from the year that all of my children will be in big school. I’m in a particularly nostalgic frame of mind lately because I’ve been going through old Catholic Weekly Pitter Patter columns that I wrote when we only had the two little girls. Life was so different then! Apart from the sleep deprivation, in some ways that stage wasn’t any harder or easier than the one we’re in now but it was very different.

Some things we’d forgotten about from two-year-old Hannah and three-year-old Naomi are very sweet, such as the way Naomi loved books and would fall asleep with one open across her chest every night. She hasn’t changed much in that department. Then there’s the way Hannah wanted to wake me gently in the mornings after galloping across to my room (which would wake me) then stopping, placing a gentle hand on my arm and waiting for my eyes to open. She’d get upset if I opened my eyes before I was supposed to.

Now they’re 11 and 13, it’s odd to think that they have got so big and that all seems such a long time ago, and yet not so long ago. But it was a long time ago!

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