COVID woes

As I write this I’m the only person in this house not to have had COVID. This is the third time it has visited us, our three youngest have it now. Fairly mild doses thankfully.

I’m also the only member of the family who takes immunosuppressant medication, so go figure that one!

I’m not keen to get it, but today I almost kind of wished I would. I know our eldest boy who is currently isolating in our main bedroom and ensuite is thoroughly enjoying the break from sharing a room with two brothers. I’m getting a bit tired of the whole musical bedroom thing when someone gets this virus.

We’re seven people sharing three bedrooms. It makes isolating the COVID positive person or people tricky. It makes trying to maintain infection control tricky.

The rain has revealed how leaky our front and back verandahs are too, so we can’t always use them for getting some space from each other or quiet time outdoors. As a friend has pointed out, we may all be riding this pandemic together though some of us are in luxury cruise liners while others have quite humble boats.

But on the bright side we are sleeping safely in our home. Our sofa bed in the loungeroom is comfortable and it feels virtuous to be getting some regular use out of it. COVID isn’t the scary spectre it was two years ago when our daughter first got it. I spent part of the day playing card games outside when it wasn’t raining. My boss was understanding. Things could be a lot worse.

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  1. Hope they are all better soon. And I hope that when this is all over you will still be able to play Uno!


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