Pictured are the first ripe blueberries from our little garden that’s mostly grown in pots. From the first delicate, white blossoms it takes a long time for the fruit to form, and then another long time for them to change colour from green to purple.

It can be pretty frustrating to keep looking at the bush which is near our front door, every day and seeing no harvestable fruit, but every day’s five minutes of watering, caterpillar-squashing or net-securing (to deter the keen-eyed cockatoos) gets us one day closer to the hoped-for result.

Little, daily acts building to the goal.

It’s not a new idea but it’s a good one, that when trying to acquire a virtue or any kind of desirable outcome, it helps to remember that little things done regularly add up to a lot.

I’ve added, or returned, a few little good habits to my routines this year – drinking more water, reading to the younger kids every night (now that they are old enough to read for themselves this requires an effort and I do it so they’re exposed to some great stuff they might not get otherwise).

I’ve probably inadvertently slipped into some new bad habits as well, but I figure that so long as I keep trying to keep up with the good ones, and add just one or two at a time, slowly, very slowly, I will be moving in the right direction.

What about you? What have you been hoping for this year and how have you been exercising patience?

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  1. Jenn says:

    I really like this post, Marilyn. Thank you! I agree with you, Mother Nature can help us learn to be patient.

    This post reminds me of another post by you that has always stayed with me. I really loved it. You wrote about the tiny changes that happen each day as our days grow longer or shorter depending on the season. Ultimately these changes bring about very short or very long days.

    So, as you say, little things done every day or regularly add up to a lot!

    As for myself and patience, I think I’ve actually given up any hope of me acquiring it! However, it just occurred to me that maybe I should be patient about becoming patient!


    1. You and me both Jen, I have to put up with my own lack of patience, and try not to act on it – it’s hard haha!


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