Staying safe and sane in lockdown with kids at home

I know that these are seriously looking like the end times, what with the plagues and pandemic and bushfires and floods and now – why not?  Fresh confirmation from the Pentagon that UFOs are a thing.

But I have to admit that, bunkered here in the suburbs with my husband and five kids aged 7-16, I’ve been enjoying this time of widespread lockdown much more than I would ever have expected or hoped.

Practically overnight, all those deprivations that I’ve got used to over the years and only occasionally feel self-pitying about became the new normal for everyone.

It feels nice to be ‘normal’ for a change….Read the rest over at The Catholic Weekly.

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  1. Julia Symons says:

    Thanks Marilyn for your honesty and sage advice. My experience living alone now is very different to yours but having raised 5 children I can certainly empathise .


    1. Thank you Julia and I’m sure it would be so very different living alone and with adult children.


  2. Sinead Kent says:

    This is a recording for the Catholic Cemeteries Annual Mother’s Day Mass held on the Sat before. (Today)

    It’s a lovely Mass with Bp Terry, but I thought you might enjoy hearing the girls sing and play.

    Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow.


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    1. Thanks for the link Sinead. The girls are so talented!! (But I knew that already).
      I hope you had a lovely day and was spoilt rotten by your lot xx


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