Random week in June notes

maple tree 1

It’s not the end of June yet, but it’s been an eventful week so these little snippets aren’t completely random.

Our fourth child received his First Holy Communion last Sunday. He was so ready for it, it was such a joy. His older brother’s event two years ago had seen a packed church and barely controlled chaos. This one was simple and sweet, just like our boy.

He was keen to go to confession beforehand so we left the house early on Saturday to get to our church when it was offered and got a bonus; it was his favourite of the three parish priests, and there was Adoration and Benediction. His grandparents, aunties, uncles godparents etc. came to celebrate and pizza and presents were involved so he was one very happy boy and tells me he’s looking forward to his second communion tomorrow. Another bonus, no more sacramental preparation sessions for a long while! They’re good and necessary, but tip our always-full weekends into insanely busy for five weeks – if you include the big day itself.

This morning I was up early again today, this time to take a car for a service which was a much less edifying and enjoyable experience but I guess it just has to be done. We needed a new battery too so it was twice as expensive as hoped…

Our Saturdays are the busiest day of the week during term time at least when all five kids have sports and other things on. I’m looking to (hopefully)  more relaxed weekends in a couple of weeks when it’s school holidays. Or at least a chance to do something else for a change.

Other notable happenings last week; a day in the mountains (very cold but beautiful) doing interviews for three Catholic Weekly stories, a specialist appointment for one of the kids, a farewell for a work colleague, and a school music recital. Tomorrow we’ll have lunch with my mother for her birthday and then get ready for the final week of school before the holidays. First up, an information night for the eldest about HSC elective options – big times approaching!

My favourite stories last week to write, because of a personal connection with both:  Les Murray the mystic remembered (we have an autographed copy of his collected poems and he once generously responded with a four-page letter to a query of mine) and Changing lives one book at a time  (Jennifer Healey is friend).

Have a read and let me know what you think.

(The photo above is of the tree in full early winter colour outside our church.)

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