August went by in a blur…

Another highlight of Sept: Girls delivering Father’s Day gifts to their dad.

It’s nearly October, and I have let this blog slide a bit, so first here’s a quick update on August and most of September:

  • We spent a weekend in Bilpin, which is apple-picking country in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, with extended family to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. It was fun. I’ve decided we need to sprinkle a few more weekend get-aways through the year. We’ve been offered an opportunity to go with another family to Port Stephens for one soon so will be grabbing that.
  • I finished helping out on the 2017/18 edition of FRANKLY magazine (a national Catholic lifestyle magazine). It comes out mid-October and I can’t wait to show it around.
  • I started supervising the first intake of interns at The Catholic Weekly, on Fridays. I thought when the editor invited me to take up this gig that it could be lots of fun. It is! They quickly got the hang of producing simple news stories and I get a kick out of seeing their articles in print each week. They’re starting work on features too, and there are some interesting ideas being floated around.
  • We’ve had a month of battling a flu virus, and it was my turn last weekend. We’re over the worst of it now hopefully, but the whole state has seen its worst flu season on record so it was too much to hope that it would miss us.
  • Our youngest starts Kindy next year and I’ve been thinking more about what I would like to do in terms of upskilling. Some options I’m considering: a picture-book writing course, a Toastmaster’s or another public-speaking course,  or a short journalism professional development course. One or two a year is probably reasonably doable, I’m thinking, I just have to work out which to tackle first!
  • Spring has definitely arrived and I’ve been prettying up my little pot garden and one tiny strip of a garden bed. Mainly it’s just a lemon tree, strawberries, parsley, spinach, rosemary, mint, geraniums and nasturtiums. I haven’t decided whether to get some tomato seedlings, but I probably will, as well as some more plants for indoors. A polystyrene box full of beetroot needs picking this week and I’ll roast them with some of the last of the parsnips from the shops.
  • We’ve got two weeks of school holidays starting tomorrow, which I haven’t really thought about yet. I need to have a plan for at least some of the days, or else end up simply being a taxi driver as the kids get invited to different things. I know from experience that with five kids that can get quite stressful!

What have you been up to?


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