Winter has checked in

autumn maple.jpg
From a walk I did last week when it was completely awesome outside.

It only reached 12 degrees in our part of Sydney today, with icy rain and a rolling thunderstorm most of the afternoon and evening. It felt like a particularly unproductive working from home day, although I did spend a couple of hours doing bits and pieces for FRANKLY magazine and I also paid a couple of bills, which is something I guess. Plus this blog post 🙂

I had our babysitter here but let the preschooler watch a movie and a bit of TV without feeling too guilty about all the screen time – he’s still getting over a cold and wasn’t really in the mood for doing anything else. I didn’t do much on Monday either, though I spent a bit of time contributing to and reading a Facebook conversation about motherhood. I might convert my thoughts into a column or blog post next week.

It’s meant to be rainy and cold for the rest of the week, which is a bit of a shock as up until now we’ve been enjoying the most beautiful warm autumn weather I can remember for ages. At least yesterday was interesting. I volunteered to be a canteen mum at my big girls’ athletics carnival. It wasn’t raining, but it was cold, so I made the most of my job hanging out near the pie warmers and just before the end joined the parents vs teachers vs Year 12 students relay race. We came last, but not by much.

What do you do to keep from feeling blah at home on cold, rainy days?


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