Last days before Christmas

unsplash nativity-gareth-harper.jpg
Image by Gareth Harper/Unsplash

Five days out from Christmas and I’m still trying to think of myself as in my usual part-time work mode, because we have birthdays and things in late December and we’re going on a family camp in early January. I won’t get any work done until after that.

But with the children now all on school holidays and daily end-of-year or Christmasy things to do or to go to, it’s hard to focus on writing stuff and planning stuff at the computer. AND we got a new baby girl in our family a few days ago, our second gorgeous niece and cousin, which is super exciting. If this work-from-home-mum gets an hour or two in a day, I’m lucky.

Today I drafted another Catholic Weekly column, about my New Year’s resolution for 2017 – trying to peacefully accept all of life’s interruptions! At the moment anyway, the kind of interruptions I’m getting are sweet. Like being called in by my kids to help package homemade biscuits to give the neighbours. With Christmas cards and notes apologising for the noise they make.

Christmas label.jpg

I hope you have a very happy and holy Christmas! And thank you so much if you’ve read and supported my blog during 2016. xx M

P.S. Can I share with you two of my Christmas-time favourites?





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