Need to rest?


Simcha Fisher writes in The Catholic Weekly this week, about the need to take breaks to stay in a good emotional and mental place. Resting, she says is, “completely necessary to our well-being, and to our ability to keep on working. Observing the Sabbath is actually one of the commandments – one that busy, modern people of good will have a hard time taking seriously.”

Agreed, and great timing for me, as in the post today I see the 2017 Mt Carmel Retreat Centre program has arrived. On the weekend of 4-6 August I’ll be running with one of the Discalced Carmelite friars a retreat for mothers called ‘The hand that rocks the cradle needs to be held’.

I would love for you to join me that August weekend, at the retreat centre at Varroville south west of Sydney, if you are able!

Here’s the blurb:

The hand that rocks the cradle may well ‘rule the world’ but at times this mothering gig can get exhausting. With the constant demands of a fast-paced world and a busy family life we can easily become disquieted and discouraged.

Come away to a quiet place, ready to receive the Lord’s peace and insights from Carmelite spirituality. Thus refreshed we will return to our homes and families ready to sow greater peace and love.

Mums of all ages are welcome. This is not a silent retreat, though there will be ample opportunity for quiet reflection and prayer, and opportunities for Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and praying the Divine Office with the community of friars. There will be a talk given each day. We will learn a little about Carmelite spirituality and gain some tips on prayer and growing closer to Christ amid busy days.

This weekend is an opportunity for a break from the demands (and lovely distractions) of family members. If you have toddlers or other older children needing care we invite you to make arrangements at home for them while you take a break. If you have a young baby with you please bring a portable cot and other supplies including any special foods.

This year I loved meeting and spending time with the group of mums that came away to this quiet place. I wrote a bit about that here. For more information and to make your booking go to the website, or call the centre on 02 8795 3400.

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