Thank you…


…to the readers who went on over and liked the CathFamily Facebook page the other day, you got me over my goal within a day which was really nice to see!

I just wanted to share with you this photo my husband took yesterday. While I was working he took our five young children to the beach on his own. Although there were some challenges (finding a beach that wasn’t closed because of a Blue Bottle jellyfish infestation was one) they obviously all had a great time.

I could not have done this, at least I’m sure I could take them to the beach by myself but the fun factor would likely be a bit different. I could write a whole post or column about the backstory to this photo and I probably will soon.

We’re off to an afternoon tea at a friend’s house now, and then somewhere else for dinner. Making the most of the weekend, I hope you’re enjoying yours!


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