Summer Bucket List


I was just looking over my 40 by 40 list. I’ve done nearly everything on it.

Doing that list was such a good motivator for me. Some great things got added into those 12 months that might not have happened otherwise, and the whole family benefited as well.

It’s also good for me to look over the list and reflect that it was only possible to do those things and have those experiences by the grace of God.

It helps me to see that yes, life can be tough for an introverted, low-energy, minimalist wife and mother-of-five, but this life is also greatly blessed! Looking over my almost-completed list is a good reminder of that.

So on the back of that success I’ve thought up a summer bucket list of things I’d like to have done before the cooler months return.

It’s not too long, but meaty enough to be an interesting challenge – about one thing a week, and I’m about two weeks behind already.

  1. Make homemade ice cream in the maker I bought last Christmas and haven’t used.
  2. Have a family portrait done (this is a left-over from my other list, it should probably be my first priority).
  3. Finish at least one of the books I’ve been working on as my own project.
  4. Catch up with some old friends we didn’t get to see this year.
  5. Meet with my spiritual director/mentor once, and go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation three times.
  6. Pick a cook book off our bookshelf or buy/borrow a new one and cook my way through it.
  7. Make up some music playlists and get my husband to show me how and on what to play them.
  8. Get back into the habit of long daily walks.
  9. Read Falling Leaves by Lucy Beckett, and a couple of other books in the evenings sometimes instead of reading/working on the Internet/computer.
  10. Replace my poor old phone and start using GPS instead of hand-written directions.
  11. Revive our little potted garden.
  12. Re-configure the furniture at home, set up study areas, fix bedroom space issues etc.

This is on top, of course, of all the usual summer time socialising, holiday-making, and school preparation that usually happens. It’s going to be a full and busy 2.5 months!

Photo: A little beauty that popped up in an empty pot the other day.

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