Countdown to 40 and a year well spent

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Hi all, I know I’m not doing the blogging thing much but I’m still here!

This is just a quick note – only a month separates me from my 40th birthday, so I thought I’d revisit my 40 by 40 list of things I wanted to have done by then. Check out the updated list here.

I’ve ticked off some major things, but there are still a few to be done in the next month:

  1. Invite the neighbours and our parish priest to dinner, provide a juggling act as entertainment and make a carrot cake for dessert!
  2. Get a nice family photo taken for framing
  3. Make an artwork for each of my goddaughters
  4. Go to dinner with my husband during September
  5. Make a podcast
  6. Order a trampoline
  7. Watch the Sound of Music with the kids

There’s a good chance I’ll get to those in time. There’s not much chance of these happening by mid-October however:

  1. Upgrade my blog
  2. Take the kids to a monster truck/speedway event.
  3. Spend a weekend with my eldest daughter (including a trip to the observatory) and another with my husband (including hot air ballooning).

It will feel pretty good to get close to my 40 out of 40, considering that some of those, especially running the mothers’ retreat at the Mt Carmel Retreat Centre, were milestones for me. We spent some special family time together, which is one big thing I wanted, including a retreat we took together, a camp over New Year’s, a trip interstate, three family weddings and even a funeral.

One thing I find interesting about having done this challenge is how some things I really wanted to do at just-39 I don’t care about at almost-40.

Hot air ballooning and the speedway thing I could give a miss for instance. And while I had originally intended to write a personal letter to Pope Francis, I was just as happy to help draft one for work when the opportunity arose. Ditto for the book; having the surprise opportunity to help put FRANKLY together (a print resource for Catholic parishes, schools, and agencies) ended up being a highlight of the year because it was a quite a creative project.

But it was good to set those goals, and I enjoyed tracking my progress two or three times through the year. I think I’ll do it again for next year. What about you, do you set yearly goals on your birthday? If so, do you find that they change over time?

Photo: Sonja Langford 

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