Just this quote, because I do love it

St Teresa of Avila:


Mental prayer in my opinion is nothing more than a simple sharing between friends. It is taking time frequently to be with the one we know loves us.


Actually, now that I’m here, I will stop to chat after all.

I’m thinking of changing up my routine a bit. My kids are getting older and less dependent and I’m getting more sleep and feeling able to take on a little bit more of everything.

I’ve been puttering around, growing a little garden in pots, doing a bit of baking, going for walks, blogging here. All things I couldn’t manage this time last year. I’ve added a Friday Mass to my week and I might add another day’s.

I’m wondering about how best to use my time. Should I improve my photography skills or take a creative writing course? Take up Pilates? Invest more in the blog? Start writing a book or working on some cool project with the children? I’m going to the Catholic Digital Media Conference this week and will hopefully be inspired there.

I don’t know, but I feel it is time to do something new. I’m sure this is partly because our youngest is 21 months old and usually by this time in the case of his four siblings I’ve been pregnant with the next baby and just concerned with getting through each day.

I need to take on a little more work in any case and perhaps that will resolve the issue. One of the school mothers just posted photos of her newborn baby number six which were gorgeous, so there is always possibly that (now I’ll find out if my husband really reads my blog!)

See you soon, with a more structured post, probably. Maybe one about St Teresa of Avila and my efforts at mental prayer. Or the awesome vanilla cupcakes we ate today. Whatever, I’m off to bed now, happy Sunday!




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