Week in review

Well that seemed like a decent news week in the Catholic world, ending with the opening of churches in NSW to 50 people at a time, in line with pubs, restaurants and the like – but only after a campaign which saw 20,000 people sign a petition in less than two days.

You can see that story here.

A highlight for me was speaking to the CEO of St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney about their pandemic response to date and how they are preparing for any potential outbreaks of the virus. That story will be out early next week.

I interviewed a Perth woman whose young adult child has been gender transitioning for the last couple of years. She’ll be part of a conference tomorrow which in part will address some medical, legal and ethical concerns about the use of hormone blockers and the like for children.

About a third of Australians surveyed by top social researchers McCrindle increased their prayer or other spiritual activities during the March and April lock downs.

There were other bits and pieces but my favourite story of the week was news that Pope Francis confirming that French contemplative and missionary Charles de Foucauld will be known as a saint. I cheered and spilt coffee on my doona when I saw that one yesterday morning.

If, like my family, your response is “Charles who?” – start here. And the CW story is here.

On the home front, there were several games played of Guess Who?, lettuce seeds planted, lasagna and chocolate pudding and lots of other meals made, and today an hour-long walk at sunset with the 16 and 12-year olds. Quite a nice way to end the week!

How was yours?

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