My week on the black and white photo challenge

Last week a friend tagged me in the black and white photo challenge which has been doing the rounds of social media over the past couple of months. It was a busy week with a couple of extra year-end activities thrown in. It’s nice to have a record of it since I was being intentional about taking a representative snap each day.

In case you’ve missed seeing it around, the rules of the challenge are:
Post one black and photo each day for seven days, which illustrates something of your daily life
Photos can’t include people (some versions veto pets as well)

No explanations are allowed, just the image by itself (except the explanation that it’s for the B&W photo challenge, I guess)
You must challenge someone else to do the same each day (or at the end of the challenge which is what I chose to do)

I took a photo while watching my eldest son warming up with his teammates before their weekly basketball game. I’ve been getting to more of my kids’ games lately and I’m really enjoying watching them. I haven’t got a sporty bone in my body and I’m in awe of how good they are (the basketball games and my kids at playing them)!

We went to Mass. This is the main crucifix behind the altar. It’s a good one.


One of my FB friends was shocked at the amount of dust in our car and wrote that I should hose it out! I was slightly embarrassed, but not enough to do actually something about it. Now it’s school holidays so I’m going to get the kids onto it 🙂

I had hoped to get some writing in, a column or maybe another poem for fun, but my time at the computer was mostly a dry slog through email newsletters and instructions from my kids’ three schools. (Next year we will be down to two schools – yay!) At least having my pen and new diary on my desk helped me to feel I was being somewhat organised.

I attended our youngest’s preschool graduation. His teachers decorated the room and dressed the kids up in academic gowns and mortarboards and it was all very cute. The decorations were in black and white, which reminded me to take a pic for Facebook.

Watering my little pot garden. Out of all the photos I took, I much preferred this in monochrome over colour.

Our daughter’s presentation night was held at a performance centre called the Concourse, in Chatswood. There’s this arty light installation on the ceiling in the front foyer.

I took my photos in colour on my Nexus, and then picked the monochrome option. I’m not a great photographer, I wouldn’t even call myself a serious amateur – but even I found it takes quite a different ‘eye’ to come up with decent black and white images, looking for contrasts in light and interesting structures or patterns.

Have you tried this challenge? It’s quite fun!

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