An atheist who believes in miracles

Dr Jacalyn Duffin b clark museum.jpg

Miracle-expert Dr Jacalyn Duffin doesn’t sound like an atheist when she talks about the mysterious benefit of prayer and the witness of a saintly life. She says miracles happen, and are genuine wonders upon which only believers can shed some light.

Her position has garnered attention all over the world – and controversy among the medical community. Her passion for miracles began one day at work in 1987 after she’d been asked to review a series of blood marrow samples in a blind reading.

Read the rest at The Catholic Weekly.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Marilyn, for this great article!! As a cancer patient, I was blessed to read this!


    1. I’m glad it made you smile then Elizabeth! I had fun putting it together.


  2. Drexus says:

    Anytime someone refers to a “mysterious benefit of prayer” cannot call themselves a scientist. On terminology alone, one cannot observe the scientific process while referring to prayer — they are fundamentally incompatible with each other. Further, the validity of this article is questionable at best given it comes from a theocratic source — categorically void of objective assessment.


    1. Hi Drexus, Jackie wasn’t speaking as a scientist when she referred to prayer. Just a person speaking anecdotally about what she’s noticed while treating her patients. She would agree with you that we can’t apply the scientific method to prayer or any possible benefits of faith.
      About your other point, this article is valid as an interview with a person speaking about and reflecting on her (very interesting) experience. That was what I found lovely about speaking with her. I believe in the Christian God and she’s an atheist, but we enjoyed chatting with each other about these things without any agenda on either side, other than I was allowing her to tell her story and she was willing to tell it.


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