Busy week check-in

gingerbread house.jpgI’ve been a bit up and down with the blogging this year. But I would love to end the year as an active, rather than inactive, blogger. These weeks are chockers with school presentation nights, Christmas parties, end of year catch-ups, costume and Christmas card and Kris Kringle requirements etc.

Some days the logistics are a bit overwhelming. But there are enough lovely moments to make up for it. Like meeting up with friends, and parties, and watching our children accept awards. Setting up the Christmas tree, advent calendar and nativity scenes. Buying gifts to make up hampers for local shelters or families in need etc. Later this week we’ll take the family one night to see the light show at St Mary’s Cathedral and maybe the window displays at David Jones.

Then there’s the usual family-of-seven level of activity. Today I took one son to have an MRI scan – long story, but he is ok. I’m looking for builders to help my mother get quotes on renovating her house, and trying to find space in ours to pack all the schoolwork from the year that my kids want to keep.

Want something to read? The new CathFamily issue is online if you’re after some Christmas and New Year  reading and inspiration for crafts and activities. The cover story by writer Emily Shaw is a very special one, and I wrote something about St Therese of Lisieux’s Christmas Eve grace for it too.

If you want some new Advent colouring sheets for kids, these ones at the What the Faith website look good.

Gingerbread house-making is becoming a tradition at our place. The one pictured above was mostly made by our eldest daughter, with gingerbread made from scratch. Cute huh?





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  1. Maree says:

    Hi Marilyn
    Just a comment. I have one daughter who is now at University. I, like you, kept all her bits and pieces from ALL her grades in a huge box. Guess what? My daughter is not interested in them one bit. She’s asked me to toss them out. She could not care less about her work.done years ago. However, I still couldn’t bring myself to toss out her cute creative stories, her first cursive writing work, her project on Space etc But what I have done is to keep the BEST of the BEST. When she gets married or leaves home, she can take it with her. The big box has turned out to be medium size container with her best and original work, as well as some distinction report results.She’s never bothered to look at them. She said she’s moved on from primary & High school. Anyway, the container is there for her to take one day. Perhaps show her kids? After all my hours of labelling, packing, organising and filing……. For what? For whom?


    1. A medium-sized container of the best work seems like a reasonable amount to me. My mother kept a lot of my things as well. I’ve just taken some of my uni reading from her house to read again (philosophy and journalism texts) – and a couple of school books to show my kids. I binned the rest 🙂


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