Pottering around

Totally should have cropped this photo, but I would still keep the boy. These pots are out the front, we have more out back.

It’s been such a domestic day. I started with making pancakes for breakfast for everyone, putting the first load of laundry on, and making a ‘catch-up’ phone call while packing away winter school uniforms. For the rest of the time everyone pretty much left me to myself.

My husband had a couple of things he wanted to do, and the kids were making their own Halloween craft. Instead of gnashing my teeth over the latter, I made a trip out to the plant nursery to figure out what I want to do with my little pot garden.

I’m sick of ants eating our strawberries before they’re ripe enough to pick, so I tried drenching their container with water and putting little plastic trays filled with more water under its feet so they don’t get back in. That little tip was referred to in lots of places online so hopefully there’s something to it. I staked my snow pea seedlings, planted my capsicum, basil, and tomato, and thought about else I can grow and where.

I’d love to add dwarf lemon and mulberry trees, maybe a passionfruit vine, and more leafy greens. And lemon grass. A freshly-bruised lemongrass leaf left to sit in a cup of tea is nice. Everything will go into pots, as we don’t have much available in-ground at the house we’re renting. We have lots of evergreen trees and shrubs, however. It’s nice that there’s no shortage of green here, but it’s fun to grow a few flowers and food too.

For weekend reading, I’m spending some time with my old, unused, copy of The Thrifty Gardener (I notice a new edition came out last year, but I’m quite happy to try some things from the old one first). It’s quite a good book with great ideas I’ve always wanted to try but just looking at the photos of Alys Fowler doing so much work in her garden makes me feel tired!

I’m obsessed with this at the moment. It’s been years since we enjoyed a lush food garden, and I can’t wait to get our Summer 2016/17 one under way. A couple of things caught my eye this week: (I’m not affiliated with any products I mention here by the way, just posting because I either like them or am thinking of buying them, in case they interest you as well)

Fertility and False Choices A refreshing look at fertility, family, and careers from author Laura Vanderkam, posted on her blog.

After an Affair, Steps to Rebuilding Trust A great post all the way from Italy, from Sheila of Daily Espresso. I like happy marriage stories, and Sheila and Mario’s is a great one.

I’m thinking of these candles for Christmas presents, maybe. They’re made in Africa and proceeds support the work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.

Big news from Melbourne this week, with the closure announced of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends.

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