A week in flowers, food, family and friends

From top left, counter-clockwise: the chicken caesar salad we had for our anniversary dinner at home last night, a dessert tasting plate with pastries we brought back from a great bakery, the said bakery’s decor, the orchid I received as a gift, a potted flower arrangement made by eldest daughter with plants she chose at a local nursery.

There’s a lot more that isn’t pictured because I didn’t think to take a photo:

Clothes shopping with my eldest daughter, which was quite relaxed and we picked up some great bargains.

A lovely catch-up with two of my friends and their children.

A super generous gift from another friend.

A couple of extra (weekday) Masses, which tends to be a school holiday treat for me.

Leaving my handbag under a tree in a park a 25 minute drive from our house, and not realising until the moment we came into our driveway.

An exciting spike in traffic to this blog, courtesy of a link from Big Pulpit.

Walking around Macquarie University with my eight-year-old son who surveyed 10 people on their favourite colour and food for an assignment. They seemed to think he was very cute – I thought he was too.

A nice Sunday afternoon spent at my in-laws, whom I hadn’t seen for months.

Enjoying a couple of days focussing on our two younger children while the older three were staying with relatives (and having the time of the lives!).

That’s seven pretty great October days. This month is always so good to me! So I’m posting this as part of this week’s Small Success Thursday link up at CatholicMom.com. I am very grateful, especially for the 14 years so far being married to my husband. Grateful too, that I found my handbag still under that tree, untouched.

What do you have to be especially grateful for from the last few days? If you like, you could add your own gratitude list or small successes to mine by leaving it in the comments section below. If you have a blog, why not link up with the others at CatholicMom.com?

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  1. franciscanmom says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary–and it looks like you had a really good week! 🙂


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