Goodbye October – hello November!

I am really sad that October is over, it’s my favourite of favourite months. And I didn’t get to do all that I wanted, but that is life and I guess I should have the humility to be grateful for all that did happen and move on!

This is just a quick check-in, before I leave to take my big girl away for the weekend (a thing we decided to do with our kids just before they get to high school -I take the girls, my husband will take the boys). I said we would do whatever she wanted and she’s asked to go to a book shop and to eat ice cream at 11pm. I figure that’s doable!

So that’s how our October will end, but I’ve actually been looking forward to November, at least calendar-wise, in putting together the latest issue of the CathFamily e-magazine. Have I mentioned that I do that? I will have to give it it’s own post soon – it deserves one. I can very much recommend it. In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend and when you get a chance check out the November issue, on marriage, here:

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