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  1. Sinead says:

    I dont think we can say our children ‘won’t learn these things from anywhere but the Catholic Church’s social justice teachings.’ There are many avenues for them to learn about abortion, refugees, social justice, school etc.. If as parents we are not actually modeling this way of life our children are quite likely to miss the whole idea in-action, because that is where the real learning is had, through conversation and communication.
    Enjoyed this article – very thought provoking. Thank you Sx


    1. Oh I agree with that 100% Sinead, it’s got to come from parents and teachers and other mentors, but I meant that the Catholic Church is the shining light in this regard. It informs us and forms us, holding up an wholistic vision of life, and respect for life in all its forms, and gives us the tools to live life well. The other major religions do this as well to some degree – I find some aspects of Buddhist and Hindi thought and tradition really beautiful.


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