Introducing QUIROS!

I’m very excited to tell you about a new group blog and newsletter I’m part of which covers religion, politics and the arts.

QUIROS is named after the Spanish explorer who set out from Peru in 1605 to discover the mysterious southern continent he later referred to as Australia del Espiritu Santo, the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

It brings together some of the best writing I’ve ever seen from theologians, philosophers, journalists, and writers. We review literature, the arts and happenings with longer articles and in a different style than you’ll typically find online anywhere else.

Think of QUIROS as your place for slow reading and writing. There will always be plenty to chew on, and we’ll also have fun!

Where else are you going to find a reflection on the spirituality of Twin Peaks, reviews of fashion and art exhibitions in Sydney, and a critique on the synodal movement in the Catholic Church all at the one place??!!

I’m preparing a slew of book reviews on themes dear to my heart for QUIROS, some of them I’ve written about here on the blog (spirituality, time, motherhood). I can’t wait to share them with you.

As we’re just starting out, please support us by signing up for the newsletter to receive new articles as they go online. We won’t spam you, you’ll probably get on average a couple of emails a week.

Read all about QUIROS and sign up for the newsletter HERE. And if you could share the link with as many other avid readers as you can I’d be very grateful!

Image: Maps from The Voyages of Quiros. Source: SLNSW

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