Eyes on the world, a conversation with one of Australia’s best news photographers Brendan Esposito

The ABC’s Brendan Esposito. Photo: The Catholic Weekly/Alphonsus Fok

One of Australia’s leading news photographers Brendan Esposito has built a career out of running head-on into mayhem, and says much of what makes it possible is the support of his family and his Catholic faith.

The chief photographer at the ABC and the only one on the national broadcaster’s Specialist Reporting Team has seen it all, from the glitz and grit of Olympic Games, royal tours and fashion shows, to daily life, news and sport, and the destruction of crime, violence and war.

Last week Brendan won the Outstanding Portrait Photography prize at the 2022 NSW Kennedy Awards for his black and white series of photos taken in early March on a busy train station platform in Lviv, which is a major city in Ukraine’s west near the border with Poland.

“This award is one of those moments that have made me stop and reflect on my personal and professional journey and know the grace of God is always with me through thick and thin.”

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  1. Jenny says:

    Dear Marilyn,
    So good to see your name in my inbox. Thank you so very much for your ongoing efforts. An inspiring article in so many ways and a reminder that our broken world needs our prayers. God Bless. Jenny.


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