Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day

flowersI think I’ve taken a photo of every single bunch of flowers I’ve received from my husband. These are nice, though not technically a bunch or even a posy. They were a surprise and came with this morning’s coffee* which made me happy and that’s what counts. They’re from a pot at the front of our place which is doing well at the moment.

It’s Ash Wednesday as well as St Valentine’s Day today, so I’m about to head off to join my youngest for a small ceremony at his school where we’ll receive the ashes. Hopefully he won’t cry when it’s time for me to leave him, like he started to again this morning.

Dinner tonight will be a quick pasta meal. This afternoon will be relatively quiet but we’ve got a couple of busy evenings from tomorrow with a basketball game for one child, training for another, podiatrist appointment for a third one, and a haircut for me across Thursday and Friday. So I’ll be making a big batch of pasta then 🙂

A couple of super quick reading recommendations (just because):

Who was St Valentine?  Everything you need to know about the saint, from

Other Moms Tell Me to Drink  This is a great article by Katie Bickell, related more to parenting then Valentine’s or Ash Wednesday (but if you’ve decided to give up alcohol for Lent and need more encouragement it will help!)

*I’ve told the kids I am not giving up coffee for Lent. They think I should.
Nope. Let’s not go there.


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