A softer Lent of little penances

Friday dinner.jpg
A recent Lenten Friday dinner.

My Lenten penance this year was easy to settle on.

This life in the suburbs with routines of work and a clutch of young children, shows me very clearly every day, what my weaknesses are, where I can become a bit better as a person, where I can give God a bit more leeway to take the lead in things.

The kind of penance I’m attempting at this stage of life is very different to what I might have tried before.

Read more in my column at The Catholic Weekly.

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  1. ilovesyababe says:

    Hi Marilyn
    Just read your latest blog. With regard to your eldest wanting to do debating. I say let her go for it. My daughter did debating at the same age and it actually improved her English skills big time, both orally and written. She learnt how to express an opinion and to back it up with some kind of evidence or supporting statements. This technique helped her to get high marks later when writing essays that required the same type of reasoning. Looking back, debating was such a positive experience for my daughter that I have recommended all my sister’s children to take up.


    1. I agree, it’s great training for them. The school takes part in two separate debating competitions I think, so my daughter picked the one that (kind of at least) fits in with her schedule!

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