Pondering humility this Good Friday

From the Divine Office:

Christ, our king, you were the scorn of the people, a worm not a man;
  teach us to tread your path of humility.
When I look at the scene, Jesus being made to wear a robe and crown of thorns and blindfold, letting himself be mocked and spun around and kicked about, what is astounding about it is not the depravity and stupid violence of his captors, which is literally common as muck – as any movie or news report will tell you.
No, what bursts out of the scene is the astounding and shocking humility of Jesus, it fairly bursts forth, shining darkly from it.
It seems the opposite of his transfiguration on the mountain, which plainly showed his glory, but this is no less revealing of his true nature. I can’t fathom the tender humility, mercy, and sheer power of God, and I’ve never seen it anywhere so clearly than in the accounts of Jesus’ Passion.
He asked us to imitate him and I don’t even know how I could get anywhere close to ‘achieving’ this kind of humility – but I guess what is impossible for man is possible for God! Dear God!
Will leave it there and go pray…. 🙂

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