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Here I want to share with you some websites, books, apps, and courses which I have either found very useful myself or have come highly recommended by others. I’m not getting any affiliation or sponsorship dollars for highlighting these – I’m just passing on what has helped me.

It will be updated regularly as I have time to do so. Please let me know by clicking here of any fantastic resources for parents which has improved your life as a parent, and I will consider including it.

I’m looking for anything from caring for newborns, toddlers to teenagers, cooking, laundry, time management, or anything just sheer inspiring or helpful in any way.

So to kick things off, in no particular order these are some of my own go-to resources which have helped me to navigate these wild and wondrous waters of being a parent:

This is the website of Dr Justin Coulson, author, speaker, and father of six. His aim is “to increase happiness and wellbeing for parents and professionals – at home, at work, and in life”.

I reviewed his book, 21 Days to a Happier Family, and you can read my review here or here.

Baby Love by Robin Barker

This book is a classic for a good reason! I’m showing my age here but as a totally clueless first-time mum (and for the later children as well), I clung to this book like the life-saver that it was.

Planning With Kids

This website is full of organising tips, weekly menus and recipes, and self-care ideas for mums. Melbourne-based mother of five and blogger Nicole Avery pretty much covers the logistics of looking after a growing family while keeping your sanity. What I love about it is that she’s not too perfect or doing things that are out of the capacity of many of us. She doesn’t show off any special skills apart from being super-organised and so often when I felt overwhelmed I simply used to copy what she was doing in her home. Why re-invent the wheel?

Baby Food by Annabel Karmel

I used the book, but now she has a website too which makes her recipes and food ideas even more accessible.

The Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot

This one’s for the Christian or Catholic mothers. I hope God reserves a special place in heaven for Holly because her book was a tremendous help to me, some of my friends, and to many other women too, judging from the requests for advice she still receives at her website. Her book is being re-launched soon.

Why Children Matter by Johann Christoph Arnold

See my review here.

I’m the editor of the CathFamily e-newsletter dedicated to assisting families in making the home the living heart of the Church. Sign up to receive engaging and topical articles on a different theme each month, along with practical resources – craft ideas, printables, recipes, and more. Here’s the current issue:

I never got the hang of, or was motivated enough to actually follow the house-cleaning schedules on this inspiring website. But the general idea of doing a little bit each day to keep on top of things around the house is a good one. Also, it helped me to accept that the house will never be completely clean and tidy all at one time.


This several-week long online workshop for women offered by Elizabeth Foss is for the prevention of and restoration from burnout. She’s been running it twice a year during Lent and the start of Easter. I’ve done it twice since the first one in 2014 and it’s quite useful for helping me to move forward positively again when my wheels have come off. She is Catholic, but it’s suitable for any Christian women.

Family Education Australia

My husband and I did a course with these guys and it was excellent. The courses are mostly held in Sydney. “While parenting is both rewarding and satisfying, it involves commitment, constant effort and continuing education. In a rapidly changing world, there is a real need for parents to enrich their skills set; social media, for example, has created a whole new set of complexities for both parents and children. The courses aim to give parents the tools to educate their children in a loving and effective way.”


Catholic podcasts and online radio. Interesting interviews, talks, homilies, reflections, analysis, and news.


I really want this page to assist you, so let me know what you’d like on it, or if you have anything to recommend via my contact form.

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