Singing heals

I just had to repost this from the blog Wonder and Beauty: How beautiful, and what a clever nurse.

Sr Dorcee uses her blog to promote wonder at God’s beauty, and ultimately wonder at God. I think she does a great job; she certainly finds the most amazing and lovely things in her travels around the internet. Thanks Sr D!

Wonder and Beauty

What a beautiful gift from God.

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  1. Jenny O'Neil. says:

    Dear Marilyn,
    So often your writing touches me. I really enjoyed a TV show the other day and it featured the song that the nurse sings at the end of this video clip; “I’ll be seeing you”. The song moved me very deeply. Also, I am a nurse so the actions of the nurse meant so much to me. Thank you, Marilyn, for continuing to reach out to us and for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with us. Jenny.


    1. Thank you Jenny. You encourage me very much. I bet you’re an excellent nurse. Bless you!


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