A day off!

Today was going to be a big, busy day, and I just knew by the time I dropped the kids at school and preschool (without having showered yet and wearing the clothes I snatched up off the floor from yesterday!) that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I already feel tired, maybe coming down with what Hannah’s had all week.

You know how relieved I was when I decided to give myself most of the day off? It was only then that I realised that all through the week the thought of what I had to do today was stressing me out. When I rang to tell the babysitter I wasn’t coming, feeling like I was letting her down, it turns out that she’s sick anyway.

So now, instead of racing like a crazy woman to get showered, dressed, pack my lunch and Isaac’s bag and then head across the city to drop him at the babysitters and then go to my course by 10 o’clock I’m sitting here writing this blog post, which is a lot more pleasant.

Now I’ll go and get dressed, and get some things ready for this afternoon (I have a meeting at my house to prepare some children, including my Hannah, for First Reconciliation).

See you later!

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