Hi, I’m Marilyn Rodrigues.

I’m the writer of this blog and a number of other things including a column for Sydney’s The Catholic Weekly, articles for CathFamily, very short emails to friends, and a number of unfinished book outlines and manuscripts. I’m also a regular contributor to the Catholic radio program The Journey.

I’m a wife to Peter and mother to five children – aged 10 years, eight years, six years, three years and one year. We live in Sydney, deep in the suburbs.

I used to be an avid reader but have seriously slowed down since my last child was born. Except for children’s books. I am becoming quite the connoisseur of children’s picture books. I love anything by Mem Fox, Pamela Allen, Julia Donaldson, and Stephen Michael King.  Marrisa Burt is also a recent discovery of mine, for pre-teen readers.

I am becoming a reasonably good housekeeper but will happily relinquish that role the nano-second I can afford a regular cleaning service and laundry service. A chauffer, nanny, and personal pastry chef are also on my wish list. But I will always reserve making berry and yoghurt muffins and pumpkin and sweet potato soup for myself.

I have tried knitting, gardening, candle-making, and fish-keeping, and am not very good at any of them. I will probably keep trying though, because they’re fun.

I don’t like talking about myself but write about myself all the time. It’s one of the ironies of my life.

That’s all I can think of for now. Welcome to my blog and you are quite welcome, also, to drop me a line at marilyn_rodrigues@hotmail.com

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